Loving God and People Well

Beliefs and Values

The Story of Waterfront

In the early 1990s, Jim Semradek first developed the desire to start a church in Schaumburg. While serving on staff at a local church, he moved to the Schaumburg area and developed a heart for it’s people. Over the years, Jim also desired to build a community that was exceptionally generous in their use of finances. He wanted to help people love God and others well not only through speech and action, but also through this new financial model. He wanted to create a church that would cost very little to operate so that all of the Sunday morning offerings could be given away and leveraged for good in the surrounding community.

Our Mission

The mission of Waterfront Community Church is summarized in this statement: Loving God and People Well.

Loving God

We intentionally want our weekend experiences to be filled with clear teaching, and a simple format that allows for time to reflect and hear from God. Leaving church, we pray that you would feel the greatness of God, not the greatness of the church.

Loving People

We believe that without loving people well, religion is meaningless. We want to help people experience transforming relationships in small groups. We also want to help the community build stronger families and marriages.

Living In Giving

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Waterfront wants to follow that example by giving our Sunday offerings away each week to different causes . . . Causes that can help us to love God and people well. That might be a single mother trying to raise her children, hunger in a third world country, or helping a deserving person get out of debt.

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